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Dogs' Dales is a long term dream project of KETTU Studios.

I suppose it started in Bath, Avon, UK, in 2010 when I first tried out some needle felting and as an animator felt (<-hehe: a wool pun!) the huge potential of wool as a material for animation.

As the years passed I never forgot the feeling of the idea and material, and when life finally threw me into SKIPTON, literally called SHEEP TOWN in the olden days, I felt it was time to bring the idea into life.

Anthropomorphic animals are not new to animation but there was something very heart warming about the amount of dogs in CRAVEN District. It was like the the dogs OWNED the DALES! ...It was DOGS' DALES! 

Some people I met here reminded me instantly of the content, loyal, happy and mildly mysterious nature of dogs. Everyone here was surprisingly also a writer and a storyteller. The history of Skipton and Craven could not be more fruitful for inspiration: It was all here, in this rural area, so after living in 9 different countries and travelling the world around, it is here where the story finally starts... WELCOME TO DOGS' DALES!


Or otherwise called "testing testing".

As a professional animator for over 20 years I still had not had the chance to animate a woolly puppet before, so a good idea was to make one and test it.

It could have gone horribly wrong ...but it didn't! ...It went GREAT! The puppet was everything that an animator could hope for!

In summer 2016 KETTU Studios was commissioned by local Awesomeness band HOPE AND SOCIAL 

to make an animated music video for their new album in 2016 FEEL.

The faithful song was called "SUNRISE LAUGHING".

After one week of needle felting and cross stitching and model making we had a puppet: Georgina!

And after 2 more weeks of animating we have a lovely new music video (=also a test for Dogs' Dales)

& Here it is:


IN the heart of North Yorkshire hums a seemingly sleepy market town with some interesting residents


A travel photographer AFGAN, who loves to meet new people and dance

JOAN: A local artist and designer ITALIAN GREY HOUND, always looking her best in the latest fashion

MARK: A philosophical LURCHER, who sells ice-cream from a small canal boat

JEFF: A knowledgeable and wise YORKSHIRE TERRIER, also the captain of the canal tourist-boat

JUDY: An active and busy GOLDEN COCKER SPANIEL, the organiser of the town centre activities

LUC: A charming BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG, also restauranteur and a gentleman extraordinaire