Dogs'Dales -Dales Postcard


Welcome to Dogs'Dales!
Here Dogs'Dales Postcard showing the creative Wilma the Whippet and Bertie the Bernese Mountain dog on the beautiful Yourkshire Dales moor ! 
With this card you can play those two characterd quiz game Of DOGS'DALES AR app.

Free download from Apps tore and Google Play Store.
This postcard has a QR code link to the app download on the back of the card.

The app also works on other Dogs' Dales postracds and on location in Skipton as a fun trail around town where you can meet the characters in their real enviroment from the upcoming TV series!

Collect all the cards and characters! 

Dogs'Dales - DALES Postcard

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  • A6 postcard size card with glossy colour print of Dogs' Dales characters including Augmented Reality game that launches from the image with the free to download Dogs'Dales AR app.