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Much to look forward to

Much to look forward to in the coming months as KETTU STUDIOS is embarking together with Studio 1 on a journey to make an animated film about certain characters, certain places and certain stories in Yorkshire in a dog form! :

Dogs' Dales is the name of our film to be!

It is an animated short film imagined and directed by Virpi Kettu, a long time animator of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Creature Comforts and most recently also a music video for Radiohead Burn the Witch song.

Dogs' Dales uses local wool as a material for animation to bring history of "Sheep Town" and the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales together with characters based on real life people and scenery based on exciting real places in the area. Yorkshire is full of stories and history so it will be a challenging project to put it all into a 5 minutes long film to be viewed in 2019.

Please follow us here or in instagram/facebook or come by to our STUDIO 1 in Skipton Town Hall! We are open to public to come and see our animated creative process and looking forward to seeing you in the normal opening hours of the Town Hall till end of May 2017.

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