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Augmented Reality Coming!

For past year KETTU Studios has been involved with GREAT PLACE: LAKES AND DALES (GPLD) project figuring out a good way refreshing and inspiring the local area to attract more younger people to see the wonderfulness and opportunities here. It's been a great honour to be involved and also very interesting and fun. Trough an idea and an application process KETTU Studios was awarded a grant to research, develop and create an AUGMENTED REALITY project through GPLD Acorn funding. This has been a dream come true and very VERY exciting times indeed all summer long! With imported help of Canadian animation and game development friend-colleagues from ROCKET 5 STUDIOS we made two apps linked to KETTU Studios DOGS' DALES animation project. By digitising one of the animation characters (Ice cream selling Philosopher Dog Mark) and linking it to a location we managed to make a game app for phones, where you can meet Mark in real size and answer questions he asks... as well and a digital figurine app linked to a postcard of the Ice Cream selling boat. SO HAPPY of all this progress!

Together we also gave successful talks in Craven College, Skipton Academy and Skipton Library about the Augmented Reality technique and the digital industries. This truly is the future! Both apps will be released FREE to download the first weekend of October 2019 from The postcard you can buy from the FOX ice cream tug boat from Skipton or Skipton town info office or Craven Arts Studio. This is a great start for a more interactive Animation Universe making ...and more soon! Shine On! :D x

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